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My name is TUCKY C

More than a coin, $TUCK is a movement! Our mission: Rally an unstoppable force of 10,000 holders to unlock the legendary Zyn container. 

Your journey with Tuck starts now! #TuckOnSol

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My Address:

How to Get $TUCK

Create a Wallet
Download the Phantom wallet for free from the app store, Google Play, or as a Google Chrome extension if you’re on desktop.
Get Some SOL
Need SOL in your wallet to swap for $TUCK. No SOL? Buy it directly in Phantom, transfer from another wallet, or buy from an exchange and send it to your wallet.
Head to Raydium
Open Raydium on Google Chrome or inside your Phantom app. Connect your wallet. Paste the $TUCK token address, select $TUCK, and hit confirm. Confirm the transaction when Phantom asks.
Swap SOL for $TUCK
Exchange your SOL for $TUCK easily. No worries about taxes or slippage—just swap and welcome to the Tuckies.


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